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City Services

Business Assistance

A number of assistance programs are offered for both existing businesses and those just starting up.


The Human Services Department offers a comprehensive pre-kindergarten program with Head Start.

Emergency Services

Emergency response is handled by the City's Police and Fire Departments.

Energy Assistance Programs

The Human Services Department offers technical and financial assistance for qualified residents.

Graffiti Abatement

Graffiti abatement is handled by the Public Works Department, who uses a number of removal methods to keep Rockford's buildings spotless.

Homebuyers/Homeowners Assistance

Low-income families can receive assistance obtaining a home of their own with help from the Community Development Department.

Hydrant Flushing

The Water Division routinely flushes hydrants to flush out rust and other buildup in pipes.

Hydrant Permit Application

The Water Division issues permits for the use of water hydrants. Online and printable forms are available.

Map Gallery

City of Rockford Interactive Map Gallery.

Poverty Assistance

Human Service's Community Services Block Grant offers a wide variety of poverty relief and emergency situation assistance.

Property Maintenance Issues

Community Development's Neighborhood Standards Division enforces property maintenance ordinances in the City to help keep our neighborhoods beautiful.


The City maintains an extensive network of streets and sidewalks to ensure it is easy to navigate.

Trash & Recycling
The City of Rockford contracts for waste removal with a private company, but the function is closely monitored and regulated by City staff.

Trees & Landscaping

Here in the "Forest City" the Public Works Department is busy planting and trimming trees and maintaining the right-of-way that they grow on.


The City of Rockford provides one utility, water, while the rest of the City's utilities are provided by private companies.

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