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Swimming Pools
Swimming Pools and Siding

Swimming Pool permits are required for any structure intended for swimming, recreational bathing or wading that contains water over 24 inches deep. This includes in-ground, above-ground and on-ground pools; hot tubs; spas and fixed in place wading pools.

All pools shall be enclosed with a fence or other barrier that is 48 inches high with openings not more than 2 inches from the bottom to grade and not more than 4 inches within the barrier.

Private swimming pools (serving not more than 4 dwelling units) require a permit from the City.

Visit for free and informative tips on Pool Safety.

Download the City of Rockford Swimming Pool Safety Brochure Here

Public swimming pools (serving facilities other than dwellings or serving more than 4 dwelling units) require a permit from the State of Illinois Department of Public Health (217) 782-4977, or visit,in addition to a permit from the City. A copy of the application for permit from the State shall be submitted to the City prior to issuance of a permit from the City. Public swimming pools and there appurtenant structures and enclosures shall be designed in accordance with the IDPH ‘Standards for Swimming Pools and Bathing Beaches’.

Outdoor Signs

Building Permits are required in addition to sign permits for signs that are large or tall and therefore significantly impacted by lateral wind loads. Please call to verify size and height of signs that are considered large or tall.

Electrical Permits are required in addition to sign permits for signs that are illuminated or otherwise electrified and where sign requires its own electrical service connection. Electrical permit work shall be performed by a registered electrician.

Sign Permits are required for all permanent freestanding, wall mounted, painted, projecting, awning, canopy and marquee signs larger than 2 square feet, illuminated or non-illuminated. All outdoor signs shall be erected by a licensed Outdoor Advertiser (outdoor sign contractor). Exception: Business identification signs installed by property owner or place of business occupant (with permission of property owner) which:
1. are not electrified; and
2. if free standing, not more than 6 feet in height and not more than 25 square feet in area; or
3. if wall mounted, not more than 15 feet above grade and not more than 32 square feet in area; or
4. are painted directly on a wall.


Awnings, Canopies and Marquee Permits:

Awning, Canopy and Marquee Permits are required whenever awnings, canopies or marquees extend into a City right-of-way. Permits are not issued until clearance is received from the Community Development Department Zoning Section and the Public Works Department including the signing of a letter of agreement with stipulations.


Tents and Carnival

* Tents without electrical and erected by licensed tent erector there is no fee for the permit, but application, posting of permit and calling for inspection is still required.

** Carnivals with tents require tent permit(s) in addition to a carnival permit.

Inspections are conducted by the Fire Prevention Bureau (815)-987-5660 for cooking appliances, flame spread rating of tent materials, lighting and exiting and the Electrical Division (815)-987-5749 for electrical equipment and wiring.

Tents with permits are allowed to be erected on private property for 3 days in approved residential zoning districts and 14 days in other approved zoning districts.

Tents and Carnivals may not be erected on City of Rockford property, without City of Rockford Council approval prior to permit issuance.

Carnivals include events that include amusement rides.

A permit from the State of Illinois Department of Labor (217)-782-9347 is required to operate a Carnival or Amusement Rides. The City of Rockford does not conduct inspections for amusement rides.  See the following web sites for information.

Where food is to be prepared and served to the public, a food service permit shall be obtained from the County of Winnebago Health Department (815)-720-4100.

Where carnivals include tents, permits for tents are required in addition to the carnival permit.

Inspections for carnivals are conducted by the Electrical Division (815)-987-5749 for electrical equipment and wiring only.

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