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Neighborhood Development Programs

Eligibility Requirements and details for each program are listed in the brochures. Human Services also has several assistance programs.




Attend one of these upcoming workshops:


 TIME:         12-1:15pm OR 5:45-7:00pm


 DATE           LOCATION

 5/9/17        HomeStart, 803 North Church St, Rockford

 7/11/17      Strong Neighborhood House, 312 Irving Ave, Rockford

 8/8/17        HomeStart, 803 North Church St, Rockford

 9/12/17      Strong Neighborhood House, 908 8th Ave, Rockford

 10/10/17    Strong Neighborhood House, 1233 Revell Ave, Rockford*  

 11/14/17    HomeStart, 803 North Church St, Rockford


For reservations, please contact:

(815)962-2011 or


*This location is not accessible for individuals with physical disabilities

Program Name  Program Summary Brochure Application  Contact Information 

 Homebuyer Assistance Program

The City provides financial assistance to homebuyers purchasing unoccupied homes within the program area.



Community & Economic Development
Neighborhood Development

Focus Area
Rehabilitation Program

The City of Rockford provides forgivable mortgage loans up to $25,000 plus program fees to eligible homeowners who want to improve their homes.



Community & Economic Development
Neighborhood Development


Coronado-Haskell Neighborhood Rehabilitation Program 

 The City provides forgivable loans to make repairs on owner-occupied property located within a certain area.  A map is included in the brochure. 



Community & Economic Development Neighborhood Development 779-348-7162

Water Hook Up Program


The City of Rockford provides grants to cover the cost of connecting to City water.



 Mow to Own and Improve Program

 The Mow to Own and Improve Program is designed to help adjacent property owners acquire City vacant lots and improve neighborhoods at the same time.




Property List

Homebuyer Incentive Program

Do you want to buy a home and need help with downpayment and closing costs? Family Credit Management or HomeStart in partnership with the City of Rockford may be able to help.


HomeStart:  815-962-2011


Sale of CDBG Properties

The city has vacant lots available for sale.  The submission of a proposed bid/application and a minimum lot price is required.  For those that want to redevelop a vacant lot, Sources and Uses forms are also required.

Notice of Sale of City Owned Property

Proposed Bid/Application to Purchase Property

Sources & Uses:
Page 1: Construction Costs
Page 2: General Information
Page 3: General Conditions
Page 4: Soft Costs
Page 5: Developer Fees
Page 6: Source of Funds



Community & Economic Development 779-348-7162

Commercial redevelopment = Economic Development Division

Residential redevelopment = Neighborhood Development Division


 Tax Incentive Program

The Tax Incentive Program (TIP) is an owner-occupied residential housing assistance program targeted at qualifying residential properties located within certain tax increment financing (TIF) districts that have been designated by the City of Rockford.

TIP Fact Sheet with Map

TIP Brochure

City of Rockford
Community & Economic Development
Vicki Manson
Neighborhood Development Housing and Program Manager

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