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Business Licenses

In General
The City of Rockford does not require every business to have a general business license.  However, there are specific businesses which do require a license.  Click on the Licenses & Fees link below to see a list of businesses that the City licenses.  Those operating a business from their homes within the City limits may require a home occupation's license from the Zoning Division.  Those setting up temporary stands require an itinerant merchant's license through the Property Standards Division.  Door-to-door sales require a solicitors license and should be advised that they can not go to places posted "no soliciting" and must solicit between the hours of 9 a.m. and 8 p.m.  Soliciting business on public ways is not permitted.  A list of revoked solicitors licenses can be found at the bottom of this page.  Liquor licenses and special events are handled through the Legal Department.


Licenses and Fees


Other aspects of new businesses are handled by governmental agencies outside of the City.  To register a business name, contact the Winnebago County Clerk's office.  Tax identification numbers are issued by the Illinois Department of Revenue.


Fee Schedule
A comprehensive fee schedule is approved by City Council annually as part of the budget process.  Fees are adjusted annually as needed.


Transfer of License/Location
Requests for the transfer of a license or a location change should be made it writing to the City Legal Department  for approval and forwarding to the appropriate departments.  Not all licenses are transferable.


License Fees
Fees are payable upon application. Delinquent renewal penalties of 20% after 30 days and 50% after 60 days are provided for fees covered under Chapter 5 of the City Code.


Certificate of Insurance
The City of Rockford must be the certificate holder on certificates of insurance. An original certificate (or fax thereof) needs to be on file in our office. Amounts should be checked against ordinance requirements.


Licenses expire January 31 unless otherwise noted. Renewal notices are sent the first working day of the month of expiration. Overdue notices are sent 30 and 60 days after expiration of those licenses whose fees are covered under Chapter 5.


Application Forms/Ordinances
An application form can be obtained online by clicking on the appropriate links under each license type.  The applicable ordinances can be found in the City's Code of Ordinances.


Revoked Solicitor's Licenses

There are no businesses which currently have a revoked solicitor's license.

Page last updated: 3/15/2017 3:12:14 PM

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