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Human Services

The Human Services Department is the designated public Community Action Agency for Winnebago and Boone Counties. Community Action Agencies exist to break the cycle of generational poverty and to mitigate the immediate affects of poverty on individuals, families and neighborhoods.


"We are the Community Action Agency serving Boone and Winnebago

Counties, Engaging All Citizens In Building Stronger Communities"

As a Community Action Agency, the Human Services Department provides services to individuals, families and neighborhoods in Rockford as well as in greater Winnebago and Boone Counties. This is accomplished by addressing systemic, community and individual factors. Key strategies include provision of direct services, partnering, collaborations and advocacy. Services are administered under two Divisions with input from a Community Action Board and the Head Start Policy Council.
  • Head Start including Early Head Start services for children prenatal to age three years old and their families, and services for children age three to five years old and their families.
  •  Community Services including Community Health & Prevention, Housing Programs, Community Action Programs, Energy Programs

 2016/2017 LIHEAP Information

 Continnum of Care Project Rankings

  • Application for New CoC Project 2016 HUD CoC Program Competition Permanent Housing Bonus Funding


    PUBLIC NOTICE-2016 HUD Continuum of Care Funding Application


    In our community’s collaborative effort to end homelessness, we operate a Continuum of Care (Rockford/Boone/Winnebago CoC), which is a local planning body that coordinates housing and services for homeless families and individuals. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) works with CoCs to provide funding for homeless assistance programs. The City of Rockford Human Services Department (RHSD) serves as the Collaborative Applicant and administers the annual application process for HUD funding. 


    HUD CoC Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) Update

    On Wednesday, June 29th the HUD CoC Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) was posted. Please refer below under the FY2016 HUD CoC Program Competition for updates and next steps.


    HUD Funding Source


    HUD’s Continuum of Care (CoC) homeless assistance programs serve as the largest single source of funding for homeless services in Boone and Winnebago Counties. HUD awards homeless assistance grants through an annual application process known as the CoC Program Competition.


    Each year, on behalf of the Rockford/Boone/Winnebago CoC, RHSD submits a lengthy application to HUD for the CoC program funding. Included in this application is the priority list for distributing the annual CoC funding. In order for a program to receive CoC funding, it must appear on the CoC priority list.


    For agencies applying for HUD CoC funding in Rockford/Boone/Winnebago, the CoC Program Competition process has two parts – the local evaluation process and the submission of the HUD Project Application:


    Part 1: The Evaluation Process


    The Rockford/Boone/Winnebago CoC, performs its own evaluation of renewal and new projects through two simultaneous processes. These processes are established by the Rockford/Boone/Winnebago CoC Board of Directors and managed by the Collaborative Applicant.


    Renewal Projects: For renewal projects, agencies complete and submit the evaluation instrument, which is a tool used to evaluate each program. Evaluation instruments are then reviewed to ensure the project is operating in compliance with HUD and local standards.  This certifies the agency to apply for renewal funds.


    New Projects: For new projects, agencies complete a separate application process consisting of an application and certification of capacity.  The Collaborative Applicant will certify the new projects if the project meets eligibility standards (as established by HUD) as a new project.


    Part 2: Submission of HUD Application


    Once HUD releases the CoC Program Competition NOFA and opens Esnaps, agencies that meet certification are required to submit a Program Application for each program, through HUD’s electronic application system e-snaps.       


    HUD CoC Program Competition Process


    FY2016 HUD CoC Funding Calendar 


    Each year, there is a timeline established for the NOFA process.  Please see the dates below. Please note that some dates are tentative and subject to change based on the timing of HUD releasing Esnaps.


    FY2016 HUD CoC Funding Calendar 

    Public Hearing on priorities     July 20, 2016   11:00 AM        Shelter Care Ministries 218 7th Street

    NOFA Application posted        July 21, 2016

    NOFA Applications Due          August 5, 2016 555 N Court, Suite #301 or


    FY2016 HUD CoC Program Competition


    In April 2016, notification of the FY2016 HUD CoC Program Registration was released. RHSD completed and submitted the CoC Application Registration on behalf of the CoC. HUD released the FY2016 Grants Inventory Worksheet (GIW) on May 13, 2016 which is needed to ensure the FY2016 Annual Renewal Demand (ARD) is calculated accurately. As the Collaborative Applicant, RHSD is required to submit the final GIW to HUD. Before submission, HUD CoC Program Providers confirmed the GIW information via email. 


    HUD has released the Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) for the FY2016 CoC Programs Competition on June 29, 2016. RHSD sent an email communication to the HUD CoC funded programs recipients of the FY2016 CoC Program Funding Process regarding the NOFA release. HUD Exchange includes trainings, resources, and instructional guides related to the FY2016 CoC Program Competition.


    FY2016 Project Application Training - In Person

    Target Audience: This training will provide a detailed overview of the FY2016 Project Application for the HUD CoC Competition. This training is geared for individuals who have not submitted a CoC Project Application in the past or who are unfamiliar with HUD's e-snaps, grant management application system.  To schedule, call 779-348-7578.


    RHSD will announce the FY2016 Rockford/Boone/Winnebago CoC Ranking Policies. Please check back soon for the links below for additional information. 

    FY16 Rockford/Boone/Winnebago CoC Project Evaluation tool for ranking -  Coming Soon
    FY16 Rockford/Boone/Winnebago CoC Ranking Policies & Final Project Ranking Listing -  Coming Soon
    FY16 Rockford/Boone/Winnebago CoC: Project Ranking Committee Minutes - Coming Soon 


    Please check back at, or Facebook- Rock River Homeless Coalition.



  • Director:
  • George Davis          

612 North Church Street, Rockford, IL 61103

(779) 348-7170

Fax: (815) 987-5762

E-mail: Human Services Department


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