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Community Action Programs

Community Action Youth Advisory Council (CAYAC)

The Youth Advisory Council provides a youth perspective to Community Action Agency (CAA) programming.  Each month the CAYAC offers an opportunity for youth in Boone and Winnebago Counties to volunteer in projects that address poverty issues.  These volunteer opportunities are coordinated with local high schools so that the volunteer opportunities are eligible for required community services activities.


Emergency Assistance Programs

The Direct Client Assistance Program assists low income persons with financial assistance for a variety of issues related to self-sufficiency or emergency needs.  Examples would be a working person who needs a car repair or an individual who cannot afford life saving prescriptions.


Neighborhood Network 

Community Action provides funding to Neighborhood Network to support their work in low income neighborhoods in Boone and Winnebago Counties. Neighborhood Network Facebook



SWEEP (Sharing Work for Excellence Everywhere Program) provides job training and hands-on experience to youth who assist with neighborhood clean-up projects or assisting low income senior/disabled homeowners with property clean-up.  Youth are trained in work and life skills, paid a stipend for their training and also receive one-on-one counseling on higher education and/or employment.



Scholarships ranging from $500 to $2000 are given out annually to low-income students who are attending an accredited Illinois institution of higher education or training.  A scholarship committee selects the students who are awarded scholarships.


Coronado-Haskell Resident Leadership Academy

In partnership with the Coronado-Haskell Neighborhood Association, Community Action has been providing training and support to residents of the Coronado-Haskell neighborhood to help them make the changes they envision for their neighborhood.


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