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The Community Services Unit consists of Rockford Police Officers who are responsible for developing crime reducing and problem solving partnerships with the citizens and businesses in their areas. Officers within this unit employ both traditional and non-traditional methods to solve these problems. Officers may take an educational approach to problem solving by educating the business in their areas on the topics of armed robbery prevention, business security or work place violence. Citizens may receive training in the areas of home repair fraud, senior citizen scams or financial identity theft. Community Service Officers are also available to conduct home security surveys. 





Desk Phone

Email Address

Officer B. Squires

(779) 500 - 6627


Officer A. Calhoun

(779) 500 - 6676


Officer V. Sims

(779) 500 - 6489


Officer E. Semenchuk

(779) 500 - 6677


Officer K. Watson

(779) 500 - 6958


Officer C. Keen

(779) 500 - 6674


Officer M. Williams

(779) 500 - 6490

8 and 10N Officer A. Perino (779) 500 - 6518
9 and 10S Officer C. Boeke (779) 500 - 6675 









Current Community Events
Programs Sponsored by Community Services

Current Community Events

Special Programs Sponsored By Community Services


Neighborhood Watch


Community Services Officers are available to assist neighborhoods in starting a neighborhood watch. Officers will assist with notifying other neighbors, presiding over the first meeting, and addressing crime problems in their neighborhoods. They will also act as a liaison to other units of government that may be able to assist with problems in their areas.


Crime Free Multi-Housing


The Crime Free Multi-Housing program is a unique, three-phase certification program for rental properties of all sizes. This program is designed to reduce the incidents of crime at rental properties. During the first phase, property owners receive training from police officers, firefighters, building officials and legal staff on topics designed to increase their awareness of crime and other city codes. During the second phase, landlords are given suggestions on property security and general building appearance. In the third phase, the property owner is asked to sponsor a safety social for residents and neighbors. This is designed to acquaint tenants with neighbors and neighbors with the building owner. Upon completion, property owners are provided with CrimeFree Multi-Housing signs to display on their buildings along with permission to use the patented CFMH logo when advertising vacancies.


Home Security Surveys


The Rockford Police Community Services unit would like to help you make your home or business an uninviting target for burglars. Police Officers are available to conduct a security survey of your home or business. During this survey officers will prepare a written report and provide you with recommendations for increased security. These officers are able to provide tips on the obvious things such as locks and lighting as well as suggesting ways to landscape your property in such a way that it encourages criminals to "move on" to an easier target. Whether you have an existing home or are considering building a new one, we encourage you take advantage of this free service by calling the Community Services Unit at 987-5041 and scheduling an appointment.


Neighborhood Organizations


Information Program Packet


The Rockford Police Department recognizes that the strength and vibrancy of the city is largely attributable to the strength of its neighborhoods. Many studies show that criminals target those areas where complacency seems to be acceptable. Active neighborhood organizations that work together on improving the quality of life in their neighborhoods send a different message. Some neighborhood groups work together on such things as improving the appearance of their neighborhoods while others lobby city officials for improved lighting or neighborhood park improvements.

The Community Services Unit of the Rockford Police Department currently assists 24 active neighborhood organizations. Community Services Officers attend each one of these meetings and encourage those in attendance to bring their crime and quality of life issues forward. The Community Service Officers then work on these problems and report the results at the next meeting. C.S.O’s also provide assistance with meeting notifications allowing neighborhood groups to use the police departments "Reverse 911" system to call each resident who lives within the group’s boundaries. This system is also used to notify residents of crime trends in their neighborhood. Officers will also assist by organizing and presiding over the groups initial meetings.

If you would like more information on any of the programs please contact the Community Services Unit at 779-500-6555.

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