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The City of Rockford currently owns the former Ingersoll Rand facility located at 301 – 401 South Water Street, immediately south of the City’s downtown core .  The structure contains approximately 104,000 square feet and is found immediately adjacent to the east side of the Rock River.  The unique dimensions of the structure lend itself well to the placement of basketball courts (convertible to volleyball courts) within the structure.  The building is actually separated into two main sections.  The northernmost piece contains approximately 71,172 square feet and was constructed in 1967-68.  This rectangular shape fits well with the installation of hard courts, complete with spectator areas. The southernmost section of the building is actually a collection of contiguous structures that date back to 1941 and served as the original manufacturing footprint for the complex.  These structures contain approximately 40,000 square feet.


It is the objective to convert the Ingersoll complex into a modern indoor sports and recreational facility that will contain eight (8) hardwood basketball courts that will be convertible to 15 volleyball courts.  These will be installed within the north section of the structure.  The southern portion of the building is projected to contain an indoor playground, skate park, climbing wall, office areas, storage, and a café space that will cater to participants and families.  The facility will require complete mechanical upgrades as temperature and humidity control within the basketball / volleyball area is required in order to attract top flight tournaments.


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