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South Main Street Corridor Project

South Main Street Corridor (Transportation)

Project:                            South Main Street Corridor
Section I:                          Cedar Street to Pond Street (Reconstruction)
Section II:                         Harrison Ave. to beltline Road (Partial Reconstruction/Resurfacing)
Lead Agency:                    Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT)
Project Timeframe:            2002-Present / Project Construction Dates: Summer 2013


The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) has been working on a project that will reconstruct a large portion of the South Main (IL Rte 2) corridor, and resurface the remaining.  This project has been programmed through IDOT since the early 2000’s.  The Phase I portion of the project (alternative analysis, preliminary alignment design, and environmental review) was complete in approximately 2003.  Moving the project into the Phase II Design (construction plans) was delayed due to the lack of a capital construction program at the State level.  This all changed in 2010, when the State enacted a long-awaited Capital Program.  Since the passage of this program, IDOT has moved into the Phase II Design stage.
IDOT has broken up the project into two distinct sections, the first being the section between Cedar Street (north) to Pond Street (south); and the second being Harrison Avenue (north) to Beltline Road (south). The City Department of Public Works (DPW) has been working closely with IDOT and corridor stakeholders to create a transportation that is consistent with the context of the neighborhood as well as operational needs.  The Phase I & Phase II design includes the expansion of the four-lane cross section to a five lane section that support landscaped medians, bi-directional turn lanes, and new street lighting.
In 2010, the City worked with the Rockford Metropolitan Agency for Planning (RMAP) to secure a $165,000 planning grant to conduct a Corridor Analysis/Revitalization Plan.  Prior to the grant, City staff worked with the stakeholders to review the Phase I design, and gain a better understanding of the functional, operational, and cultural requirements and expectation for the transportation project.  The Corridor Analysis/Revitalization Plan project has continued that community engagement process.  This project has allowed staff to integrate into the transportation planning and design process input from those that live and work within the corridor.
IDOT has indicated that as of the end of February 2011, Phase II design for both sections of the project is progressing.  The City expects 50% complete plans by mid-spring 2011, with potential letting dates of November 2011 (Harrison Avenue to Beltline section), and January 2012 (Cedar Street to Pond Street section).  The project is anticipated to run for the entire 2012 construction season, and a portion of the 2013 season.  Landscape and aesthetic improvements, such as streetscape and sidewalk improvements would follow during the 2013 construction season.  (2/28/11)

Corridor Analysis/Revitalization Plan

The City Community Development (CD) Department has taken the lead on the Corridor Analysis/Revitalization Plan project.  The consultants for the project, the Lakota Group, have conducted multiple small group interviews with various stakeholder groups throughout the southeast side of the City.  This data formulated the basis of a Corridor Workshop on January 27, 2011, that brought in over fifty individual citizens representing multiple points of view.  Attendees were asked to complete various surveys including visual preferences for building type and style and streetscape.  The information collected through the interview and workshop process will form the basis of recommendations to further the enhancement and revitalization of the corridor.  The work on this project is ongoing and interested citizens are encouraged to participate in the process.  (2/28/11)
See Community Developments webpage on the South Main Corridor Plan - Click Here

Overhead Utility Relocation

As part of the corridor improvements, the city seeks tore-locate the above-ground utilities within the corridor to areas where they are not a negative impact on the visual corridor.  As the transportation projects moves forward, the City will work with ComEd on the feasibility, design, and costs for such a relocation. (2/28/11)

Water Main / Sanitary Sewer Relocation

The reconstruction of the corridor will necessitate the installation of new water main and the rehabilitation or replacement of the sanitary sewer system (under the jurisdiction of the Rock River Water Reclamation District – RRWRD).  The design for the water main replacement is underway, with an expected design completion timeframe of late summer 2011.  The water main replacement will require coordination of a similar project associated with the Morgan Street Bridge project.  It is anticipated that much of the water main work will commence prior to the total reconstruction of the corridor. (2/28/11)

Landscape Plan/Aesthetic Improvements

DPW staff will be retaining landscape architecture services for the design of the streetscape elements in the spring 2011.  This process will coordinate with the work that has already begun through the Corridor Analysis/Revitalization Plan and will include further input from interested stakeholders. It is anticipated that the streetscape improvements will be constructed during the final phases of the road construction in late 2013. (2/28/11)

Multi-Use Path

The project includes the development of a multi-use path from approximately Morgan Street Bridge to the airport.  Certain sections of the path will be developed as part of the corridor reconstruction, and others will be connected to other projects (and in some cases are funding dependent).  The specific location of the path south of Harrison Avenue is still a work in progress and many factors will affect the final route.  The IDOT project will establish a 10-foot path on the east side of the road between the 15th Avenue Bridge, north to approximately Lane Street.  A section of this path currently exists just south of 15th Avenue (at the entrance of the Riverwalk Condominiums) south to past Clifton. It is anticipated that this path will be continued (on the east side of the road) south to at least Harrison Avenue.  IDOT has indicated that as part of the future replacement of the U.S. Bypass 20 bridges over the Rock River will set aside right-of-way (ROW) that will enable the path to pass under the Bypass.  Future land acquisition will be required to make the connection to these bridges, then on to the eventual termination point at the Chicago-Rockford international Airport.  (2/28/11)





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